Growing up I spent a lot of time feeling down and looking in on the world feeling like the most obvious outsider. When I tried to act like everyone around me it became quite clear that they could sense a wolf in sheeps clothing so to speak and hunted me out. I don’t blame anyone for this as it’s part of what raised me. However it was quite lonely. So I’m here to share my part in hope that we lessen some of the huge amount of isolation we have built ourselves. You can relate or don’t – I’m not here to make you side with me or sway your opinions. I’m just here to tell you my side of the story.

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Love is all that exists so live it through every word action and thought. And when you can’t simply meditate on it. To pause and reflect – that is what is meant by ‘Selah’

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I always find it a blessed experience when another individual feels comfortable enough to ask me something or to have a conversation with me about any little thing. Feel free to contact me guys – don’t be shy! You never know where a conversation can lead you.